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george1George Nash. Founder of ‘forthemusician’, and all round music appreciator. My love for music began on a long car journey back from Wales, where my dad (aged 40-something), and myself (aged 6), were listening to Insomnia by Faithless on full volume whilst flying along endless deserted motorways in the middle of the night. That’s probably why my first ‘musical love’ was 90’s dance. A little odd for someone who was only 6 years of age in the year 2000. Now however, I don’t restrict myself to one type or genre of music. I like to keep my listening varied. That way there’s always something new to listen too, and this leads nicely into why I created this blog. I figured that there must people like me out there in the world and on the internet. People who appreciate music in all its forms. This was my inspiration for creating ‘forthemusician’, a place to discuss opinions on all aspects of music, new and old. Anyway. Enough from me, check out our fantastic array of editors. Each with their own unique style, both literally and musically.

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imageAdam Brown. Been best buddies with George (forthemusician founder) since we were little. Multi-instrumentalist, love all music but for me, you can’t beat a good serving of Metal. I enjoy chatting rubbish about music, and I can be quite opinionated. Always up for a good argument about music so tweet me your thoughts to @whileadsleeps.







Oscar HallSo, I’m Oscar (Posc) and I am a Mathematics/Physics undergraduate at Keele University, England. I’m new to blogging, having never really done anything like this before, but when my good friend George invited me to be a part of forthemusician, I just couldn’t resist! I will be sharing, reviewing and talking about all kinds of djenty/progressive music from artists like Intervals, Scale the Summit, Animals as Leaders, Mouments… you get it. In general, I suppose, anything which has had more than a little thought put into it. I will probably also use this to plug an instrumental project which I have been creating under the name ‘Glass Skies’, so stay tuned for that!
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Glass Skies: https://www.facebook.com/glassskiesband.



 joe1 (2)Joe Prescott. -awaiting contribution-








hannah (2)

Hannah Brudenell. Hey guys! I’m Hannah Brudenell, I’m 19 and  a future journalism student. Music has been the most important part of my life since I can remember, the first concert I ever attended was in Modena, Italy in 2001 where I was lucky enough to see Pavorotti, Tom Jones, Deep Purple and Barry White, something that formed my love for live music and made me become the gig lover that I am today. I’ve seen bands and artists from all sorts of genres and have been lucky enough to see many of ‘the greats’ from my generation. Growing up I was predominantly influenced by my Dads taste in music along with some of my cousins, so I was brought up with the likes of Dire Straits, Eric Clapton, Green Day, Metallica, Eminem and The Smiths, so my taste in music now is pretty mad!

I’ve been playing the guitar for many years although nowadays I tend to stick to playing acoustic, as a young girl I used to pick up my Dads fender telecaster and try to strum some kind of tune out of it and since then I’ve always found a lot of pleasure in writing my own music as well as playing with others.  I’m not new to the whole blogging scene, so when George invited me to be an editor of forthemusican I was more than happy to be a part of it. I have a journalism blog on tumblr( http://hanarch1sm.tumblr.com/) which has recently passed 1000 followers. I’m a massive internet addict so I expect you will see a fair bit of input from me here! 🙂 I can’t say what music I will write about, as my taste changes daily but hopefully I can help you discover new music and appreciate artists from all sorts of weird and wonderful genres. Follow me on twitter (@n0toriousbitch) and my personal tumblr (n0toriousb-i-tch.tumblr.com) to see what i’m about :)!


Benn1 Benn Archer.

If I were not a physicist, I would probably be a musician. I often think in  music. I live my day dreams in music. I see my life in terms of music.’ – Albert Einstein 

‘Music gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything’ – Plato

Music affects us all. Music is everywhere. Everytime we switch on our TV, or get into our cars and turn on the radio. Every time we’re sad or happy we relate songs to that feeling. We pay our hard earned just to go and see five alcoholic fools prance around on stage for 20 minutes, why? Because music makes us feel who we are. Music gives us chance to express ourselves in a way that nothing else can.

When Mr Nash gave me the opportunity to become an editor of Forthemusician, I pounced on it like a dog to a bone. Expect controversial views on anything that I write, but expect a liberal and political approach. I believe that music has the power to change the thoughts of any mastermind criminal, but for now I leave you with the words of Bob Dylan – ‘PLAY IT FUCKING LOUD!

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Theo Hall. Music has the power to make you feel certain emotions, see certain things, think certain ways. It’s a powerful tool; an art which allows the artist to connect with the listener and take them into their world. I love being lost in a song just as you might become lost in a book, or mesmerised by a painting- you can’t beat that feeling. I am a strong believer that the best artists are those who put their music before their image; creating music simply because they love it and not because they crave money or fame. I feel that it’s these artists that create the best, real, and relatable music. For me, connecting with an artist through their music is paramount in order to truly appreciate and understand the song, and you can’t connect with an artist and be lost in a song if their music is synthetic, commercial, and lacks genuine emotion. At risk of sounding too much like a hippie, let’s move on…

As far as my taste in music is concerned, I suppose that my love for the acoustic guitar led me to most of my favourite artists: John Butler, Matt Corby, Jeff Buckley, Jake Morley, Jon Gomm… the list goes on. But that’s not to say my love for music only extends as far as acoustic players. There’s no particular genre of music I like or dislike. I feel that music can be used to fit and accentuate whatever mood you’re in, and for that reason I think it’s best to let your own ears make the choices, rather than avoiding a particular genre simply because it’s not what you’re ‘usually’ into.

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The Anonymous Contributor. Nobody knows who he is…  The Anonymous Contributor is kind of like The Stig of this website (If you have been lucky enough to see the BBC television show Top Gear, you will understand the reference). Some say Copernicus’ theory was actually stolen from him, and that he once punched a horse to the ground. Some say his name is an anagram of happiness, and that he single handedly build The Pyramids. All we know is that he has an excellent taste in music and can write with great eloquence.

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