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miles kane 2It really annoys me when I ask people “Oh have you heard of Miles Kane?” and they reply “No but I’ve heard of the Last Shadow Puppets!”. That’s the problem why Miles is not as ‘big’ as other Indie success stories like Jake Bugg and The Vaccines, and why some people see him as “the other one” from the Last Shadow Puppets. I disagree. Miles Kane is the definition of the modern mod rocker and his second solo album ‘Don’t forget who you are’ is just like one of his suits, measured, sharp and extremely well put together. The pumping drums and Miles’ ruthless scouse voice in ‘Give Up’ is a small invitation to what you might see at a Miles Kane gig. The whole album almost feels like it’s a live album, not that that’s a bad thing at all. The screams, the relentless guitar solos, crunchy guitar riffs and meaty bass lines give your ears a good mod kicking. This is a fantastic Indie album and a great soundtrack for the summer.

Overall : 9/10

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