La Dispute.

Regular readers will know that I like to feature the latest new music, however for this post I’d like to highlight a band that haven’t released anything new since 2011. La Dispute is a five piece post-hardcore band from Michigan that formed in 2004. They have released three studio albums and even though I was only introduced to them a few weeks ago, they have already won me over.


When you get down to it, all forms of art only exist because they change the way you feel. A play or film can make you laugh or cry, it can even change your prejudices about people or places and make you question your own existence and the world you live in. I am a big fan of modern art, where even a blank canvas can communicate a message. After all, art is only art if it evokes a response. Music is no different. Infact, I believe that music is the best communicator of emotion available to an artist (but maybe I’m slightly biased).ladisputeheader La Dispute are fantastic at conveying a message. Lead vocalist Jordan Dreyer’s lyrics are nothing short of poetry and I really mean fantastically written, meaningful poetry. He writes his lyrics with passion about things that obviously mean a lot to him, and he delivers them with the same passion. You can really feel what he feels when he sings because you can hear it in his voice. The instrumentation isn’t bad either, the guitar tone is a good balance of mid and treble and the bass fills the lower end. Tracks like ‘Fall Down, Never Get Back Up Again’ demonstrate competent use of ‘tapping’, a technique that is slowly having a revival but thankfully without the horrendous Hair Metal solo’s. There is also the occasional application of  mathematics to create an interesting bridge or verse to underly Dreyer’s vocals. It’s a nice touch that keeps the tracks from becoming old too quickly, a quality I look for in music.

Thank you for reading.


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