Red Seas Fire – Exposition


Hi there! Oscar here with an overview of the first EP in Red Seas Fire’s collection, ‘Mise En Scéne’.


As a long-time fan of Red Seas Fire I was naturally eager to hear what they could do without good old Nolly backing Pete up on the guitars, and the ‘Exposition’ EP is the first release to give us an insight into the band’s current workings.

At only 4 tracks long, it is a relatively short listen (which isn’t always bad) but there are certainly a few distinctive changes. The most notable difference to me is the lack of guitar solos! One comes to expect one or two shred-fests scattered across the songs based on previous releases, like ‘timeframes’ for example, however now that Pete Graves is handling the guitars alone I think he has more important things to focus on. I also seem to remember hearing him say in an interview that his Dyspraxia causes difficulty when trying to play complex solos, although I may have misunderstood…


Stepping aside from the guitars, new drummer Jake Fogarty also makes his debut on this EP! I’m no drummer so I can’t make any technical evaluation, but what I can say is that he fits comfortably into the band as if he was always there and certainly grasps that known and loved RSF style. At only 20 years old and having by his own admission never really listened to/played much technical/progressive metal before joining the band, he strikes me as one of those annoyingly talented blokes who can just do anything he decides to, simply because he decided to. Damn you Jake! Damn you and your awesome drumming!

Taking the limelight for the most part on these four songs is vocalist Robin Adams. I love Robin’s cleans. If I was to compare his style to another vocalist it would probably be The Safety Fire’s Sean McWeeny. His long, drawn out robotic harmonies and simple(ish) melodies are pretty defining of the band’s sound. Robin’s screams/growls are somewhat controversial, I must admit it took a long time for them to grow on me, but never the less, they have. The vocals are very similar in composition to the band’s earlier, self-titled release; pretty much all choruses are sung whereas the verses incorporate the heavier techniques. If it ain’t broke’, don’t fix it!


Slightly unusual for Red Seas Fire is the 3rd song on the EP, ‘Of Motion’. This is quite a mellowed out, ambient track focusing mainly on Pete’s electronic work and almost acts (in my opinion) as an interlude within the collection.

To pick my 3 favourite moments from the 4 songs, I would have to say:

  1. The last two minutes of ‘Turner & Hooch’; the vocals are really well worked and it gets pretty epic towards the very end.
  2. The mid-section from ‘Of Motion’, the incorporation of some male/female harmonies was really unexpected and works really well
  3. The intro riff from ‘A Life We Used to Know’ because GROOVE.

Anyway, the EP is well worth a listen, as is their older stuff if you haven’t already checked it out so get onto youtube and check them out! All their music is free to download so I’ll stick a link below and then you have no excuse! Haha.

Download the EP:

‘Turner & Hooch’:

Cheers for reading!




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