Northlane – Masquerade [Video Review]

NorthlaneI’ve been a fan of Northlane ever since FTM’s Adam Brown introduced me to their first album Discoveries in 2011. Ever since i have followed them closely, buying the merch and watching the studio updates like a true fan.  I have to say, Singularity is one of my favourite albums this year. The band have really created a unique sound for themselves and people seem to like it. This however is not a belated review of Northlane or Singularity, but of the video released today for their second single to be taken off SingularityMasquerade. Masquerade is a track that is characteristic of Northlane’s style. Political and moving lyrics delivered with feeling over a complex, well written riffing brutality.

Performance videos are always so serious in my opinion, never really showing the character of a band or the deeper meaning of a song. Masquerade however shows the more playful side of lead vocalist Adrian Fitipaldes, as he dances around the stage between verses. The inclusion of Drew York also adds an extra element to the video, with Fitipaldes and him obviously enjoying the performance. Well placed drum cameras capture the fills and crowd cameras capture the atmosphere. All in all, an acceptable performance video.

Thank you for reading.


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