Ede Wright – Earthbound Gravity

Hi everybody, Oscar again here. This time I’m covering a slightly different area of music and an artist who I’m sure will be largely unknown to a lot of forthemusician readers, so please, take a moment and give Ede Wright a listen! I know you won’t be disappointed!


edewrightAnybody who knows me will tell you that I am a massive fan of instrumental music of all varieties. I am constantly looking for new artists and bands to inspire me and to entertain me on the way to University in the morning! One gentleman who I am particularly fond of is Jazz guitarist, Ede Wright. I first came across Ede on YouTube during one of those standard sessions to which you lose hours (days?) to the ‘related videos’ function (yeah, thanks for that YouTube, great contribution to the progress of man). Anyway! I knew straight away that his 2008 album ‘Earthbound Gravity’ was something special, and it only took a day or so of his songs refusing to leave my head before I had to jump onto Itunes and download it.

EdeWright110529Wow. Just wow. Everything from his tone to his riffs is mind blowing! Ede Wright is one of those guitarists who truly understands his instrument. He knows just what to play and plays nothing more. All too often these days I hear players who are evidently in the “What can I play?” mentality. Every now and then, a musician emerges and stands apart from the masses. They are in the “What should I play?” mentality, and Ede certainly falls under this category. From the laid back feel of 65/73 to the ridiculously catchy bass line in Abaddon, Ede does everything right in my book. My favorite track from the album is a fantastic cover of the classic ‘Army of Me’ by the beautifully insane Icelandic singer/songwriter/general nutter (in a completely brilliant way), Bjork. Ede’s take on the piece is absolutely gripping and to me, despite being a cover, epitomises what the album is about. I’ve said it before, but just great, well thought out, intelligent playing, with no loss of feel. The inventive nature of Archimedes with the sheer class of Jay Gatsby! I love the guy, he is a massive inspiration to me and I thoroughly recommend that some of you check out his work, forget your preconceptions of modern Jazz and give him a chance!

So! I’ll keep this short and wrap it up! Thanks for taking the time to have a read and at risk of sounding like a broken record; CHECK THE DUDE OUT! Hahaha. He really does deserve way more recognition and I hope that forthemusician can do its bit to make that happen.




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